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James McNab is an award-winning producer and video editor with more than 700 production credits to his name. He currently oversees media services for Drake University, where’s he’s responsible for developing, executing, and delivering media content to the university community. James partners directly with faculty, staff, and students across campus to create and integrate multimedia elements into their classrooms, departments, and programs, while providing the creative skills and technical knowledge to manage and deliver the highest-quality final product.

In this role, James has overseen media coverage of some of the largest events on campus, involving dignitaries, business leaders, and cultural icons. His work is used both to promote the university to internal and external stakeholders, as well as provide instruction for students and faculty members in their chosen course of study. That instruction has also translated directly into the classroom, where James has taught undergraduate courses and honors seminars in visual communication, interdisciplinary leadership, and digital media production.

Away from campus, James remains involved in every possible aspect of broadcast television, corporate media, and commercial production as an independent freelance contractor, serving as Producer, Director, and Replay Operator for numerous events that have national exposure. While his specialty is live sports coverage, James has also produced news, corporate, and entertainment events, including political debates, live music performances, and award shows. Past projects include working directly with top national media groups, including ABC, CBS, and ESPN.

James earned a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Mass Communication from Iowa State University and a Master of Communication Leadership from Drake. He lives in Des Moines, Iowa with his wife and son, where they’re restoring a classic American Foursquare home.