Teaching Portfolio

Effective learning environments are based on a practical approach to addressing authentic situations. Students are successful when they are prepared for real-world conditions throughout their educational experiences. By providing an atmosphere that gives genuine answers to genuine issues, they can address, adjust, and adapt to the ever-changing world of mass communication.

Class Projects

News Package


Create a video news package, between 60 and 90 seconds in length, of interest to an audience in Central Iowa.

Learning Objectives
  • Analyze techniques used by news reporters, photographers, and editors.
  • Develop fundamental skills in videography, audio recording, and non-linear editing.
  • Demonstrate best practices currently in use in multimedia reporting and production.

“This American Life” Story


Create a personalized audio narrative, between 60 and 90 seconds in length, in the style of “This American Life”.

Learning Objectives
  • Analyze and evaluate current methods used by real-world content creators.
  • Develop fundamental skills in audio recording and audio editing.
  • Demonstrate best practices in the production of audio content.

Promotional Flyer


Create a one-page flyer promoting an organization, location, or service of your choice using Adobe Photoshop.

Learning Objectives
  • Analyze basic concepts in visual design and communication.
  • Develop a fundamental understanding in the basic operation of Adobe Photoshop.
  • Demonstrate original concepts in creative and inventive design.

Student feedback

“McNab is a great professor. I definitely became a better writer in his class and more prepared for writing college papers.”

“He did what a professor is supposed to do and did it well.”

“I appreciate how he is fair and gives you what you deserve. More classes should be taught like this.”

“My peers and I have all said that it wouldn’t matter what subject he was teaching, it would be interesting as long as he taught it.”

“McNab was a good instructor. He cared for the success of his students and made sure that they understood every element of the class in order to do well.”

“He knew what he was talking about and was always very specific about what he wanted and expected.”

“May have a new passion for this, thanks to McNab.”

“Thank you for a great semester. You truly impacted me as a first year in the best way possible.”

“Best class I took all semester. Thanks for making my time worth it, and not giving me pointless work.”

Collaborative Projects


In my role at Drake University, I routinely have the opportunity to involve students in numerous multimedia productions produced by my office. The following are examples of projects where I was able to supervise, direct, and work with students. In all instances, they served either as videographers, editors, production assistants, or talent.